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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

Dancing Success for Girls

30th Jan 2024
Our P4-P7 assembly this morning had some recent individual sporting success to celebrate as four of our pupils shared what they have been up to recently.

3 of our girls - Aoife, Caitlin and Ruby - travelled to Doncaster, England over the weekend to compete in the Nadine Martin Academy Irish Dancing Championships. They almost missed their flights home as it took that long to get through airport security with all of their extra silverware, that's how successful they were. Congratulations to all 3 girls on their performances.

Our P6 pupil, Amber, has been recognised in two different sports over the last two weeks. Firstly, she was awarded Player of the Week for her soccer team with Armagh City. More recently, she was very successful in a Ballet Dancing competition, placing 3rd out of the 60 performers who entered.

We love hearing about all about our pupils' hobbies and lives outside of school - it's a pleasure to be able to share so much good news about what they do. Congratulations to all 4 girls!