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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh
First Communion: Saturday 26th September at 1.00pm
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We are living in an exciting time with new technology being developed and becoming available every day. The introduction of the Internet and new digital devices into our classrooms offer endless ways to create stimulating, engaging learning environments. However, with the introduction of  these new tools into our school and our classrooms, we must be aware of the risks and threats that may accompany them.  We must educate our teachers, pupils and parents in recognising and avoiding the potential risks associated with using the Internet and digital devices.

During this school year, 2019-2020, we continue to focus on E-Safety policy and procedures.  We will continue providing training and advice for staff, along with developing a 'preventative' programme for our pupils.  This will be delivered in a range of age appropriate means - through assemblies, performances, workshops, stories, cartoons and songs to enhance the work carried out in class.

As a parent, whilst our children take to this 'new' technology with ease, we struggle to keep up.

We aim to develop this page, to share information with Parents, so that we can strive together to ensure our children's safety

E-Safety Tips for parents Under 5s


E-Safety Tips for parents 6-10


E-Safety Tips for Parents for 11-13


SMART Targets Poster


Safer Internet Day 2020- Tuesday 11th February

'Safer Internet Day' 2020 takes place worldwide on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

This year's global theme is - 'Together for a better Internet’ with a focus on self identity #Free to be.

We will be using the UK Safer Internet Centre resources as a basis for the work carried out this week.

We continually strive to raise internet safety awareness throughout the year, with age appropriate workshops and multimedia activities.

Parents may like to take a look at some of the resources we use.

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