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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

P1 Shared Education: P1 enjoyed their 1st ‘play’ session together.

11th Nov 2022

(St Patrick's) Mrs Hughes' class swapped with (Hardy's) Mrs Erskine's P1 class and went on the big coach over to Richhill for our first Shared Play Session.

Mrs Thornton's P1 class (St. Patrick's) were delighted to welcome Mrs Erskine's P1 class from Hardy Memorial PS.

We played and played and played - inside and outside - had snack!!!!- played and played and played inside and outside.

Remember, .... in P1,  PLAY is our work!!!

We played so hard... at times you can't see our faces. BUT....

Can you see the caterpillar the Hardy boys found?????

A Fantastic Day....great night's sleep all around !!