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St Patrick's Primary School, Armagh

P5’s Shared Education Project

28th Mar 2024
🎉 👏🏻 A big round of applause for our fantastic Primary 5 pupils! 👏🏻 🎉

They have just completed a wonderful Shared Education project alongside our partner school, Hardy Memorial Primary, Richhill, on the landmarks of Armagh, and what a journey it's been!

From the historical depths of the Navan Fort to the stunning beauty of the Armagh Observatory, our P5s have explored, researched, and presented the treasures of our city with such enthusiasm and insight.

This project not only highlighted the rich heritage of Armagh but also brought our students closer through shared learning and discovery. We couldn't be prouder of their hard work and the beautiful presentation they've put together. Truly, an enormous amount of effort and dedication put into this project. Let's celebrate their achievement and the wonderful landmarks of our city! 🏰🌟 #P5Pride #ArmaghLandmarks #SharedEducation